About Kea

Wendy Hilton’s


For over 20 years, Wendy has been in the health industry supporting many of the world’s most talented athletes in their relentless drive for success. She has observed the sacrifices they are prepared to bear in their pursuit of winning.

Wendy has helped Athletes take their talent, honour their commitment and excel at their goals. She believes in working with them to become resilient, self-accountable, focussed, whilst streamlining their thought processes and utilising the team surrounding them.

Significant injury, defeat, competing priorities and financial pressures are some of their greatest challenges to success. Wendy’s desire to support athletes overcoming their obstacles matches their enthusiasm to be at their best.  Wendy enjoys being part of the successful team behind Great Britain’s greatest.

As a Coach, Wendy believes there are phenomenal parallels in elite sport and the business community. She can help you identify your strengths, decide what is important, broaden your perspective, refine, facilitate and encourage you to self-actualise in a meaningful way.

Being a high-achiever and over-reacher, Wendy, understands the value of re-assessing life purpose and the difficulties in occasionally saying ‘no’.  Originally from New Zealand, she has encountered personal obstacles along the way, which has further supported her adaptive nature and fuelled her organic approach to coaching.

Wendy works with many of her clients to expedite successful change in their lives; including changes to careers, or health and lifestyles.  Her clients are often exceptional individuals who juggle many activities and are left feeling unfulfilled.  Wendy will help unfold their sense of purpose.

Wendy is an Associate of Duty of Care, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping members of the NHS through and beyond their challenges.  She is a keen rower and does her best to look good in a terrible onesie when paddling up and down the Thames Tideway.

Approach to pricing

One size does not fit all, and nor do our services.
We would like to speak with you, to understand your circumstances and where you wish to enhance your confidence.

We offer bespoke coaching, consulting and an array of developmental programmes. Together we will design our service to best suit your needs. Talk to Wendy about what you would like and she will happily share our pricing approach with you.

About Kea

“An unexamined life is not worth living”

— Socrates

Our Mission

At Kea Performance, we are passionate about unfolding success by delivering outstanding coaching to develop people’s confidence and their freedom to fly.

Our ideals

What is it like to work with Kea Performance?

We believe that the power and true impact of coaching emerges when people: Through their efforts and one powerful coaching session at a time have the potential to change the world.

The New Zealand Kea

Resilient, Clever, Unique, Powerful, Determined & Confident

A Kea’s plumage is striking.  The Kea’s outer feathers are camouflaged to match the grey, mottled slopes of the New Zealand Southern Alps, but when a Kea unfolds its wings and takes flight, just like our clients who undergo transformation, they allow the world to celebrate and enjoy their previously hidden vibrant, rich colours, their strength and depth of character and personality. 

The Kea thrives because of its determination to succeed.  It is a clever problem solver relying on instinct and confidence to create opportunities and choice. It has also been found to anticipate human action.

Coaching with Kea Performance also helps our clients stay aligned with what they truly want. Wendy is originally from New Zealand and shares the same traits of inquisitiveness and sociability as the Kea but unlike the cheeky bird, she promises she won’t chew the windscreen wipers off your car.