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“The coaching service provided by Wendy has given me a greater understanding of my inherent skills and how to apply them. Being so focused on sport and competition means sometimes we can neglect and not give proper thought to what happens once out of the competitive arena. Wendy worked with me in a patient but focused way to provide an environment where I could draw together the skills acquired over the course of my sporting career and organise them in a framework I can use in a most effective way for my future work.
Wendy’s friendly and calm communication style allowed me to honestly consider all my ideas – the helpful and the not so helpful ones – without feeling uncomfortable. I now have immense confidence in what I can do and how to tackle areas that I had identified as ‘weaknesses’. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and would advise that athletes regardless of level give thought to ‘what happens next’.”

Christine Ohuruogu 
Olympic and World 400m Champion

“Wendy helped me when I was looking for a new job and I am very pleased to say that by the end of the course I was offered a great job that I happily accepted. After 9 years in my previous role I was made redundant and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. With Wendy’s guidance I gained clarity on what it was that I wanted. She then kept me focused on what I needed to do to achieve my goal. Not only do I now have a great new job I have also learned invaluable techniques that I can use next time I am faced with a life challenge.”

Athene McGregor-MacDonald
Vice Present, Morgan and Stanley

“I felt completely at ease with Wendy. Having never been to a life coach before, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect in the first session. Wendy is excellent at assessing the style of coaching required. She is upfront and clear which manages expectations at each session. She really gets you to engage with the issues you bring to her and takes you back to the beginning to help you identify how the situation came to be in the first instance and how to recognise it should anything similar happen in the future. I particularly found her scenario exercises interesting and useful to unbundle issues and mentally create strength and power to move forward.
Her professionalism and genuine care for her patients yields sound progress to completion. She keeps her patients in mind outside of session hours and is great at offering support when relevant approaches come her way which she will develop further with you in your next session. I would definitely recommend Wendy to anyone seeking life coaching.”

Sarah Makin-Shaw

“Wendy’s coaching sessions have been a great help to me in regaining my confidence.

I came into her care when I’d left a toxic workplace that had eroded my self-confidence over a course of 5 years. I believed time would heal the pain I had experienced, however, I knew wanted to change in order to prevent repeat occurrences. My sessions with Wendy involved verbalising and visualising my thoughts and ideas to give them more structure. This structure helped me understand what makes me uniquely me by identifying my strengths and weaknesses.

After a few sessions I became more confident and less self-critical. She also taught me that I can not control certain situations but I can manage their impact on me and to mitigate harmful self-talk. I used to let situations outside of my control really get to me but thankfully to Wendy and the coaching she provides, I do less of now.

I am grateful that Wendy helped me through a low point in my life and now as the result, I am much happier as a person. I am now confident that I have the tools to identify and manage certain obstacles and overcome them. I have found coaching to be an enriching experience.”

Personal Assistant, Financial Services

“Wendy balances listening and challenge within her coaching and has an innovative way of looking at things. She brings and intuitive approach to her work.”

Accountant, Commercial construction

“I have started session with Wendy at a point in my life where I was very unclear about my next step in life. I felt that I
was drowned out by the inability to take any decision although I had a list with things to do. This stage lasted for over 2 years and Wendy managed to change it in first few sessions. 
Wendy challenged me to do things I was very unsure about doing. These challenges enabled me to break down self-imposed barriers and help me to take an action. I am very grateful to have had session with Wendy, the confidence and clarity, I have achieved made me find a clear path. Wendy gives you the confidence to take action, to feel challenged in order to achieve set targets. I would really recommend Wendy to anyone who can not find a direction and needs some gentle but effective guidance.”

COO Soft Commodities

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