Navigating Change

Athletes need to cope and excel despite upsets to their agenda. When they envision and design their roadmap to an Olympics games the journey to the podium takes no less than 6 years of dedicated work, detailed programming, training and extensive commitment even for the exceptionally talented.

Yet all great plans can become derailed: injury, underperformance or world-wide pandemics will interrupt their progress. The ability to be flexible whilst keeping the goal in sight and maintaining motivation can be personal attribute or sometimes athletes need a team particularly a coach to support this.

We all have abilities and huge amounts of resources we can tap into as long as we can recognize and utilise them. We can learn to welcome change and create opportunities to our benefit. Even initially when it seems like it is not within our control such a redundancy or change in family circumstance.

Who is it for?

Are you feeling stuck and desiring change but don’t know what the first step is? Or facing an unexpected change and a future of uncertainty? Your experiences and processes as you navigate change can be tricky to negotiate alone. Career and transition coaching with Wendy will support you and keep you motivated through the periods of vulnerability, either personal or financial, often associated with change.

    Coaching can help you achieve the transition you need whether you are:

    • Feeling stuck
    • You realise you have been making the same mistakes over and over without knowing which changes to make
    • At a career crossroads,
    • Going through changes such as redundancy or return to work
      after a period of absence
    • Wanting to progress further or greater confidence in your
      abilities, especially if you’ve been promoted into a new role.
    • Feeling laden by your commitments
    • Released you are overwhelmed within your environment and
      seek more balance or clearer direction.

    How can Wendy Help?


    • What do I want for myself and my key stakeholders in my life?
    • What do you have at your disposal?
    • Where to next?


    • What are my limitations? What might get in the way?
    • Understanding the value of change, what it means for me and those I care for
    • What moving parts are there? Is my roadmap realistic?


    • What will ensure I get to my goal?
    • How do I take clear decisive actions?
    • How can I become comfortable with not always being in control?

    Career Change

    Kea Performance has developed a successful framework and coaching approach designed to support, guide and help you navigate your way through your change or transition even when you don’t know what opportunities you want next.

    Working on individual segments of the framework enables you to assess your options, make best use of your experience, utilise your existing or find new resources, and make informed and successful change, whether that be in your career or another significant aspect of your life. 

    For some people, change can be difficult to handle.  Kea Performance Coaching will support you and keep you motivated throughout the numerous, often-challenging stages associated with change. The program is based on 13 sessions with different themes leading to a ‘portfolio’ of yourself and confidence you will promote the changes you need in your career, from promotion to new prospects.

    “When faced with a redundancy and lowered confidence, Wendy provided guidance through my job hunting to ensure I secured a great job and invaluable techniques to enable future successes. ”

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