Stress Management

Delivering Gold Under Pressure


Q: How does an athlete stand on the start line of the Olympic final: knowing that within a short moment they have to deliver a performance which reflects the thousands of hours they have trained, the multitude of sacrifices they have made, the people who have backed them, and deliver it with trust in themselves and their bodies?  How do they manage the adrenaline, stress and expectations of 80 thousand sets of eyes in the stadium, millions around the world? Re-focus and stay in the moment? A: Practise, exposure, challenge, authenticity and confidence.



We have all heard stress has its uses: fight and flight it elevates our senses and adrenalin to enable use to fire on all cylinders to perform with veracity and great focus.  We cannot always mitigate high stress levels; but what happens when we remain in this heightened state?  When the norm becomes stress, upon more stress?  What impact does this have on your health and wellbeing?  When you are overwhelmed with stress you will neglect the most important areas in your life.


Stress can affect us in different ways and the causes can vary. For some, being under pressure, coping with a big change or lacking control in situations triggers stress. For someone else might feel his or her responsibilities overwhelming. What is stressful for one person may not necessarily be so for another. You may have a clear cause for your stress, or it may be a build-up of smaller things. You may even have to have it pointed it out to you that you aren’t handling the stress you are under. How you mitigate unhelpful stress levels depends on your individual circumstances.



Stress that governs our actions is disadvantageous.  Stressful decisions are usually derived from the limbic system of the brain, which is more reactive and far less objective. Mastering stress to evoke the powerful drivers and motivators without it overloading us is imperative to bring our best selves. Coaching will enable you to focus and invest energy on what’s important, problem solve quickly and efficiently perform when it counts. 


How can Wendy Help?


  • What your current stress levels?
  • What areas of your life are you neglecting?
  • What changes do you want to make?


  • What are your stress-driven habits?
  • The impact it is having on your work and life.
  • What prevents you from lowering your stress levels?


  • Give you a foundation in which you can manage your stress
  • Help you create your own boundaries to prevent unwanted stress
  • Adopt new behaviours that enhance your life and relationships with those in it

  • Being proactive, not reactive

We all view the world from our very own lenses and sometimes this has skewed our reality.  Coaching with Wendy will ensure you are purposeful; you place energy into areas you value and that will bring you success, and not give away power to things that won’t.  She will enable you to consider your own methods of reducing stress, provide tools for lowering stress, using it for to your advantage and then creating boundaries to stop it interfering with other life activities.


Wendy will help you to bring the power back to yourself. Decide what choices you need to make to ensure you are feeling fulfilled and allow joy back into your life.


 “ Remembering stress is not something that happens to us – it is our response to what has happened. 

How we respond is our choice.” 


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